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Victory Kid Sports wants to partner with your school.  Instead of scaling back with a BORING PE curriculum, let Victory coaches come in and teach your students.

We have programs for all ages, starting with Pre-K through 3rd. Our beginners program starts with basics in sports and fun field activities. Grades 4th- 6th will begin organized team sports, as well as being a part of the Presidential Fitness Program. Grades 7th-12th also has organized sports, but will also be introduced into the HOPE required classwork.

Victory will provide each school with its own customized curriculum, along with a schedule that works with each class. Each course will be overseen by a Florida Certified Teacher in the appropriate subject. VKS will work with each school to find the appropriate program. If you would like to schedule an appointment and get more information, please contact Victory, or 321-816-2011, or text to 321-848-6027.


Tired of running the same old tired field day experience?  Imagine a fun and exciting Victory Olympics Field Day experience taking over your school.  Victory can provide an awards ceremony, pizza party, fun and interactive games, all while encouraging team work and discipline.  Let Victory Kid Sports customize a field day experience for your school that students will never forget.  Contact Victory today, or 321-816-2011, or text to 321-848-6027.